Keurig K Select Review – How Good Is The Coffee?

Before I share my thoughts on Keurig K Select… Let’s get some things very clear – I am not the biggest fan of pod coffee systems. There’s a snooty little part of me that says, “You n00b, you can’t even break out your picogram scale? Shame on you!”

It doesn’t help that a lot of machines on the market seem to be as single-use as those cups. So, does this mean I hated the Keurig K Select? Eh, maybe I’ll tell you if you buy me a cup of coffee.

Keurig K Select

What’s in the Keurig K Select Box?

The appliance looks very sleek looking and is this much away from being able to qualify as minimalistic. It has a very small footprint and fits under any set of kitchen shelves or cabinets – well, as long as they are no less than 18 inches above the counter. 

The body is completely made out of plastic, but it’s not that shiny, cheap-looking stuff. It comes in six shades – black, white, navy, red, greige (yes, that’s a color – check your girlfriend’s nail polish collection) and teal. No pink or leopard print, but we can’t have it all. 

The water tank is on the left SIDE, and it’s accessible and removable from the SIDE. Bless the soul that thought more about it beyond just acknowledging that the machine needs one. The front view water level is also a nice touch. 

But it’s not like you need one – there is an indicator light that reminds you to add water. The tank also comes with a water filter – it’s the standard one from Keurig and you will be able to repurchase the replacements from them. 

Keurig K Select Water Tank

When in operation, the K Select is very quiet – I made way more noise just moving things around than it did making my coffee. It also has an automatic shut off, so you can just walk away from it when your brew is done. 

Below the indicator light, you’ll find four buttons with serving sizes – 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces. They are everything you’ll need to fiddle with when you’re making your coffee. Well, and the “strong” button as well – you’ll have to press that guy as well if you want your coffee to do some heavy lifting. 

The drip tray can be easily pulled out from the front when you need to fit a large travel mug. When it’s in position, it leaves you with 6.5 inches of space, aka enough for most normal mugs. I have a novelty one with an odd shape, and that one sat in there nicely when I tried it. 

What Does This Button Do?

I’m not saying that you should throw away your manual this second, but you don’t have to study it in detail to operate the K Select.

First, pull the big silver lever up. The machine will open its mouth wide so it can swallow the coffee pod whole. Not trying to be poetic or anything – a seven-year-old in me thinks that it’s a completely missed opportunity they didn’t add sound effects. So, you’ll have to provide your own. 

Once you stop pretending the machine is a T-Rex, drop the pod in and press the button for the desired serving size. That’s it. The coffee will be in your cup within one minute.

Keurig K Select Controls

If you want to make your coffee stronger, press the button “strong” before choosing the serving size. 

There is not much room for failure when you’re using store-bought cups, so, of course, we had to play with our own. Long story short, as long as you have a decent grinder, you’ll have decent coffee. You want to go quite fine, but how fine depends on your taste and beans.

All in all, the brew was good – no over-extraction and no burnt bitter notes. I’m not too keen on the light city roast, but when I tried it out, it came out fruity and not acrid. Five out of five stars, if you ask me. 

I didn’t try the hot cocoa, because it’s not hot chocolate, therefore not a viable life form. Also, I didn’t try soup because… just no. 

However, I did try tea, both pre-packaged and with a reusable cup. The machine did great with the tea bush stuff (green, white, and black tea), but I would leave the herbal teas to my teapot.

The (Eco) Pod People.

So, this is a bit of a deal-breaker for me, considering how much of an environmental issue the K-cups have become. Not gonna preach to random people, but I demand that these coffee machines work well with reusable pods as well. You would be surprised how many fail on the first try.

No such issues here. First use: no leaking, good coffee. Second use: no leaking, good coffee. Nth use: no leaking, good coffee. There seems to be a pattern there.

All in all, the Keurig K Select is polar, koala and panda bear approved.

Now, let’s look at the Pros & Cons of Keurig K Select:


You get what you pay for. It’s a solid machine that gives a consistently good performance. All aspects of its design were well thought through, and it’s not too hideous to look at.

Feel free to check it out at, and if you have any questions drop me a line below and ask!


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