Keurig K200 Review – Is It Any Good?

Keurig K200 – When it comes to making coffee from home, Keurig is one of the major coffee maker brands on the market right now and arguably one of the hottest sellers too. 

The Keurig K200 series is one of the coffee makers in the Plus range of machines. The Keurig K200 is a pod-based machine that uses K-Cup and K-Carafe pods to brew the perfect cup of coffee!

There are many flavors to choose from which gives users the chance to sample a range of delicious coffee flavors depending on their taste, including those from popular brands. This coffee machine can make a perfectly smooth and delicious coffee like those you would find in popular coffee shops using professional equipment. Users are able to make very similar coffees in the comfort of their own home!

There are a few things to consider when comparing this machine against others in the Keurig range and versus other competitors such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, so keep these in mind before you invest in a Keurig. 

In this review, we are going to be looking through the major pros and cons of the Keurig K200 series.

Keurig K200

Keurig K200 – Making The Perfect Coffee!

For avid coffee drinkers, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to the perfect coffee machine. What range of coffees can be made? How widely available are the pods? How easy is it to use? Well, the Keurig K200 has the ability to make a wide range of coffee due to the wide range of products within the K-cup range. The Keurig machine perfectly brews coffee to around 180 degrees to your exact taste. 

Being able to change the strength of the coffee is a neat feature that allows you to have both a stronger morning coffee and a lighter afternoon pick me up! Additionally, coffee is not the only thing you can make with a Keurig K200, as it has a special setting for making the perfect light and frothy hot chocolate. For those who want something sweeter, this provides a welcome treat! The reservoir is able to contain 40oz of water, which is impressive for its compact design. You will be able to make lots of coffees before you need to fill it back up again.

Although the Keurig pods are typically more expensive than coffee beans or instant coffee, the advantage is that they are able to conveniently able to produce a wide range of coffee flavors without the extra effort that would be required to make the coffee from scratch. With a traditional method, you could spend a long time making a latte when you could just pop on the Keurig for a 2-minute latte in the morning!

A Chic Design.

Of course, for many coffee drinkers, a stylish machine is an important feature. Luckily the Keurig K200 is compact and chic, with a wide range of colors to fit into any style of a modern kitchen. The touch screen display is futuristic and is extremely convenient and easy to use! There is no denying that the Keurig is a fashionable and fun machine that would make any visitor jealous!

Eco-friendliness and Compatibility with Older Keurig Models.

Although the Keurig is undoubtedly a great machine, there are a few small caveats. Most of these issues are only noticeable if you have previously owned an older Keurig model. For starters, the old pods cannot be used in this new 2.0 machine, so some users have found this to be very wasteful when they have been upgrading to the newer model. Additionally, as filters in the 2.0 model are not reusable they are not as Eco-friendly as previous models which could be reused. This seems like a step back when the world is so conscious of climate change, so this feature may put off some customers. 

Now, let’s look at the Pros & Cons of Keurig K200:


Overall, the Keurig K200 is a fantastic product that is able to brew a range of coffee products to a perfect temperature for the optimum taste. The machine is stylish and easy to use, with a few small caveats and loss of a few features from previous models. If you are looking for a great alternative to coffee shop coffees then this the perfect product. You are able to replicate perfect coffees from home for much cheaper than going out to the local cafe.

Feel free to check it out at, and if you have any questions drop me a line below and ask!


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