Keurig K250 Review – Smart Enough?

The only thing Keurig K250 can’t do is… Well, you just can’t tweet from this coffeemaker. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Ok, not all smart appliances need to be able to engage in a Twitter war with Chrissy Teigen, but at least they need to be smart enough to do the job well. So, is the Keurig K250 a real step forward, or is it just a gimmick?

Keurig K250

This Is The Way We Touch The Screen, Touch The Screen…

The interface is fairly simple. Remember the very first cellphones with large screens? Even simpler than that since there are no texts, ringtones, and snakes (Nokia peeps represent!). It’s designed to be very intuitive, but to be honest, it might not be super fun to figure out what’s what first thing in the morning.

Luckily, this model comes with an auto-on function, so you can just pop a pod in and set it to wake up at the same time as you.

And, of course, there is a programmable auto shut-off setting as well. 

But that’s not the only fun feature. Previously you could use any cup in your Keurig – we’re talking tea, hot chocolate, soup, etc. All you had to do is press the serving size button, just like when brewing coffee. But this time you can tell the machine that you are not making coffee by selecting the “hot cocoa/other” option on the menu. Then, the machine adjusts its settings and gives you a better cup of tea or soup you would get with older models. 

If you don’t like your machine speaking English at you, you can set it to speak Spanish or français. Parce que tout sonne mieux en français. Oh, this is Murica? My apologies. Might it be Denver or another high-altitude location? Well, since it is, you’d be glad to know that this machine comes with altitude settings as well.

Keurig K250 Touchscreen

This Is The Way We Fill The Tank, Fill The Tank…

The 40-ounce tank is in the back and it’s completely removable. It’s also completely transparent so it’s very easy to check the water level. Unlike its almost identical twin, the Keurig K200, this machine comes with the water filter and holder. The type of the filter that goes into this guy is the same that you will find in the majority of coffee makers, so no worries about hunting down te replacement. 

The rest of the body alludes to the classic Keurig look, but there is a distinct change in the overall silhouette. The controls are all still on top of the machine, and the lever that is used to open the pod chamber is still big and easy to grip. The pod also opened at an angle for easy drop and removal of the K-cups. 

Another very distinct change is the increase in hight. While the machine is quite slim, it grew a few inches so it could accommodate carafes. 

The whole body is still made out of signature matte plastic, but this time it comes in a host of shades – next to the classic blacks and reds, we have shades of turquoise, orange, purple, etc. There is also a storage drawer for K-cups that comes in matching shades, but that is sold separately.

Keurig K250 Water Tank

This Is The Way We Brew Our Brew, Brew Our Brew…

The most exciting upgrade is in all the new choices of brew sizes. While the Keurig K250 still uses standard cups to brew standard sizes (4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces), now you can get a K-mug pod or a K-carafe pod for brewing larger sizes. 

A K-mug was designed after some consumers complained that their coffee would come out somewhat thin and weak on other machines when they would choose a 12-ounce serving size. So, Keurig responded with a slightly larger pod that is suitable for brewing 12, 14, and 16-ounce servings. 

Then they went a step further and made the K-carafe pods for brewing 22, 26, or 30 ounces of coffee in one go. All previous brands and types of drinks that came in K-cup form are available in these new sizes. 

If you’ve ever used a Keurig before, you will notice that the process of making coffee is almost the same – it’s just that you have a touch screen to work with now. 

First, you’ll have to insert the desired pod. On the menu, find the desired serving size. You’ll find that it is slightly easier to identify them because of the illustrations that will appear as well. And walk away.

Outside of taking a bit of time to get used to the new control panel, the brewing process is as easy as it was before. Also, the coffee itself is as delicious as it was before and slightly better in larger sizes.

Now, let’s look at the Pros & Cons of Keurig K250:

Keurig K250 – Verdict

The Keurig K250 is a step forward when it comes to this kind of coffee maker. If you’re just interested in dropping a pod in and pressing the button, it may be a bit more than what you are looking for. However, it may be the right fit if you’re looking for more control and options.

Feel free to check it out at, and if you have any questions drop me a line below and ask!


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